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Solar Home Systems (SHS)

We sell, finance and install a broad range of Solar Home Systems including small solar home systems (S-SHS) and Large Solar Home Systems (L-SHS) designed to keep your home and business powered all the time and ensure you have ample entertainment, information and peace of mind.

Water heating systems

We stock and sell water heating systems of different sizes.We have 150 Litres, 200 Litres and 300 Litres.Our water heaters are designed for both home and business usage.Our clients portfolio are independent homes, hospitals, tourist lodges and hotels spread across the country.

Solar Appliances

All our solar home systems are sold and installed together with other appliances like Television Sets and AC/DC Fridges. We also offer a range of Satellite entertainment packages like Zuku , StarTimes and DSTV etc. For increased productivity,we sell solar-powered DC appliances on our Solar Home Systems.

Agri-tech systems

Our agri-tech product portfolio includes water pumping & irrigation systems are designed to boost agricultural productivity for farmers in Uganda. Seasons have gradually changed as a result of desertification, climate change & we are keen on addressing the needs of the farmers impacted by these effects on the environment

Efficient and Improved cookstoves

We are partnering with Eco Group and UpEnergy (U) Ltd to bring to our clients the environmentally friendly ecostove that uses reusable volcanic rocks. Traditional production of charcoal and cutting of trees has serious environmental impacts and has increased the depletion of the forest cover in Uganda.

Client-centric Care and service

We source the best products from the best manufacturers and partners and ensure these are professionally designed and installed for our clients.Our products come with warranty and are guaranteed. We pride ourselves in giving our clients peace of mind by offering 5 year free service and maintenance period and 20 years manufacturers warranty on all solar PV Modules.

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We envision a business that has potential to turn around the Ugandan economy through the large scale uptake of renewable energy technologies. so you can get in touch with us and ordr for what you want

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