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Solar First Uganda

SolarFirst Uganda is an integrated renewable energy technology company selling, financing and installing Solar Home Systems including a range and variety of solar products and renewable energy technologies in Uganda and beyond. SolarFirst Uganda is an enabler of last-mile distribution and end-user credit financing for solar and renewable energy products including solar home systems, improved cookstoves, solar mini-kits and real productive energy appliances like TVs both DC&AC Televisions, Solar DC Fridges and Water pumping and irrigation systems.

We envision a business that has potential to turn around the Ugandan economy through the large scale uptake of renewable energy technologies. We sell upgradable product packages that allow our clients to gradually climb the energy ladder and these have the potential to transform lives and make energy universally accessible to everyone including the people at the very bottom of the pyramid and the energy poor. Everything we do is done with Professional care and strict adherence to technical standards and design. We have expertise in what we do and pride ourselves in offering the highest quality of service and products in the renewable energy and solar industry.
This product mix of both productive use solar products and inclusive solar home systems is suitable for the company’s customer base in the rural and urban areas. These life-enhancing products are made affordable to low-income clients through Pay-As-You-Go financing model. with 6 and 12 months credit options for our client base. Our real productive use energy products help to power businesses, increase household incomes, increase crop yield and production in particular our irrigations systems are best suitable in this segment, reduce indoor pollution and create local employment opportunities for Women and Youth as a result of the added economic activities and value added in off-grid communities.

Our Staff

Our solar systems are installed by professionals and technicians with vast experience in solar system design, technical configuration and installation. Our business adheres to the highest standards of environmental stewardship and we consider ourselves unmatched in the industry. As a company our business model values the environment and we embody a green future including taking environmental stewardship as a top priority in all our work. We have embedded Environmental Social Governance principles into our systems and we aim to uphold these principles and standards to protect mother nature and these principles inform all business practices with all our stakeholders including employees,suppliers, clients and communities we serve.

Our Values

Environmental stewardship

We believe in a sustainable green future for the Ugandan economy and to all our stakeholders.


We serve our clients with humility and due respect and what we do, we do it right


We guarantee value for money in all we do


We are a committed team of professionals who love what we do

Quality and Innovation

Our people have the quality resources to innovate and to be creative all of the team.

Enjoy Fun

We embody a truly Fun environment at the work place.


We hire the best talent and support each other’s growth. We reward their excellent performance and results.

Our business philosophy

is a transformed life for everyone of our clients and employees


To unlock energy access for the off-grid households and communities at the very bottom of the pyramid by providing life-changing renewable energy solutions.


We will achieve our vision by becoming a client-centric renewable energy provider of choice with the potential to transform the lives of the people and transition Uganda into a clean energy economy.

Need any help?

We envision a business that has potential to turn around the Ugandan economy through the large scale uptake of renewable energy technologies. so you can get in touch with us and ordr for what you want

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